Davis Trashes ACA; Unimpressed by Immigration Lobbying Efforts
Davis Trashes ACA; Unimpressed by Immigration Lobbying Efforts

Congressman Rodney Davis says small businesses are being smothered by too many rules and regulations.

“The Obama administration has increased the regulatory environment by thousands upon thousands of pages versus any other administration before that and that has a cost on those who are doing business it has a cost on those who are buying products produced by those businesses,” he says.

Davis says the ACA is just one of the new laws hindering small business growth. He wants President Obama to delay the individual mandate of the ACA until more is known about the true impact on small businesses.

“We have a law that is going to hinder an employers ability to grow without being penalized,” says Davis. “How then do we create jobs that our country needs to have an economic recovery and allow families to achieve the American dream? It just doesn’t make sense.”

Davis is also trying to convince the Obama administration to put more of a cost benefit analysis on rules that will impact the economy. For example, he wants to ensure that the EPA doesn’t treat things like milk spills or farm
dust like oil spills.

Davis Unimpressed by OFA Lobbying Efforts

Davis says the House does want to pass an immigration bill – but it has to be piecemeal.

He says his concerns go beyond people living in the U. S. illegally.

“We have a shortage of Americans who want to work in” science, technology, engineering, and math, says Davis, “and I have nine universities and colleges (in my district) where many students come over here and study engineering, for example, and then aren’t able to stay; they go back overseas and compete against America.”

The group Organizing for Action is pressuring Republicans to get on board the Senate bill. It held a rally in Springfield this week and has held several in Springfield this summer. The rally’s purpose this week was to thank Congressman Aaron Schock (R-Peoria) for his consideration of what many are calling amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Davis dismisses the group.

“I always find it funny when the Obama campaign arm begins telling me what we should be doing here in the 13th congressional district of Illinois.”