CWLP Vehicles to be Outfitted with GPS
CWLP Vehicles to be Outfitted with GPS

City Water Light and Power vehicles will be outfitted with GPS devices, and information could be used to discipline employees.

Springfield aldermen approved a Memorandum of Understanding outlining how that will work, but Mayor Mike Houston said that’s not why the city’s doing this.

“It really is to try to make us more efficient, be able to do a better job,” said Houston.

This is the first MOU passed by the council since city ordiance started requiring it after the police document shredding scandal. The mayor says this move has nothing to do with last year’s allegations that CWLP employees were doing their friends favors on city time.

“It would be something that would be in the budget,” said Houston when asked how much the outfitting will cost. “I can’t tell you the specific cost, but it was something that was included in this year’s budget.”