CWLP Launches New Website
CWLP Launches New Website

City Water Light and Power has a brand new layout to its website. Customers can pay their bills online and keep track of their payment history.

“One of the new options is besides all the new drop downs is the ability to sign up and pay your bills online, check your account status, go over your monthly usages, it can all be done on that website,” said Larry Tebrugge, CWLP Project Manager.

Also through the website customers can register their accounts, view their current bills, track billing history, update account information and terminate transfers. Customers can also choose to opt out of receiving monthly paper bills, and receive an email containing a link when their bill is available online.

“So far right now we have had 375 customers register and we have had 175 people request e-bills,” said Tebrugge. “That’s really good, we’re really excited ’cause this is a great way for the customers to be able to do it at their own convenience,” said Tebrugge.

Customers will still be charged a fee of 2.8% for credit card transactions and $0.50 for an electronic check. Tebrugge said the fees are collected by the payment processor, not by CWLP.

To register, customers must provide their CWLP account along with the customer numbers and a valid email address.