Craft Beer Bar Opening in Downtown Springfield
Craft Beer Bar Opening in Downtown Springfield

Downtown Springfield will soon have a place to sample craft beer from across the country.

Developer Josh Sonneborn purchased the Firehouse, which closed in July, and is renovating it to turn it into a craft beer bar. Sonneborn, who now owns Cafe Brio and Catch 22 among other downtown businessess, says it’ll be unique.

“Our goal is to find beers that are not currently offered in this market,” Sonneborn told WTAX. “We’ll be traveling regionally, much like we’ll be buying from some of the brewers like Rolling Meadows here in town, but from other markets as well.”

Sonneborn hopes to open the bar at 5th and Monroe sometime next month.

Sonneborn has also taken on Catch 22. He and his team are turning that into a destination concert venues, with upcoming shows rangingĀ  from southern rock/country duo The Lacs on Wednesday, and later this season the St. Lunatics, the band of rapper and St. Louis native Nelly.

Sonneborn says the late night crowd will now have a place to eat downtown, as Catch 22 will start serving food between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. on the weekends with menu items ranging from hamburgers to gourmet grilled cheese.