Could Springfield City Council Ask Houston to Step Down?
Could Springfield City Council Ask Houston to Step Down?

To be clear, Springfield city council members are not currently petitioning for Mayor Mike Houston to step down from his post.

However, Ward 1 Alderman Frank Edwards did not deny the idea that it could happen. While talking on WTAX’s Weekend NewsWatch with Kirk Farah, Edwards said that if the city can’t put this behind itself and move forward, that idea could become a reality.

“It may not be there yet but I think there’s a sense that it might be going that way.”

Edwards said he is not happy and was openly critical of Houston. Edwards said that when the mayor returned to office for another tenure, Houston stated that he would be good in difficult situations.

“This guy wanted to be the mayor. He is the mayor and now here we sit,” said Edwards, “He said he had all the experience to handle this kind of stuff and get us going in the right direction…this isn’t good for our city.”

The retirement of the police chief and resignation of corporation counsel come after looming investigations into the shredding of internal affairs documents within the police department.