Construction on new Rochester Water Main to Begin Soon
Construction on new Rochester Water Main to Begin Soon

Rochester is getting a new water main.

Water lines within the infrastructure were built in the 1930’s and are approaching the 80-year-old mark. Village Manager Dale Laningham says the village will begin construction sometime this month. He hopes to be finished by the end of next spring.

“Hopefully within the next week or so (they’ll begin). They hope to get in the majority of the water main line itself this fall and finish up next spring.”

The total cost of the project is about $1.7 million. However, Laningham says it is entirely necessary. There was an extremely expensive leak recently on West Main Street that cost $80,000. Also, Laningham says there have been numerous leaks on North Walnut. He estimates there have been 30-35 leaks in the last 20 years.

“More leaks means loss of water. It costs more. People have to be out there repairing the lines. Ultimately, it’s a loss to the user of the water system and it can drive up the cost of the water system.”

Rochester sold bonds to pay for the water main improvement project. Those will be paid off over a 15-year period.