City of Springfield: Thanks for the Help!
City of Springfield: Thanks for the Help!

One area business owner took matters into his own hands and one thing led to another…a new city initiative.

Zara’s Collision owner Brad Zara says he got tired of looking at the overgrown landscape at South Grand and Dirksen so he volunteered to help maintain it.

“When people come to Springfield we want them to be welcomed with beauty and not an eyesore,” says Zara.

Mayor Houston says, unfortunately, the Department of Public Works lacks the resources so the Springfield Green program decided to expand and run with Zara’s offer.  Houston hopes to recruit other businesses and organizations to “adopt” other heavily-travelled intersections.

In return, signage will be posted at the intersections acknowledging the adoption.  Zara says his employees and a landscaper are volunteering the labor.  Public Works still provides equipment and people but are appreciative of the extra help.