Houston: Someone Has it Out for Buscher
Houston: Someone Has it Out for Buscher

Springfield Mayor Mike Houston couldn’t say much¬†about the sudden release of internal police files the city said didn’t exist.

But he can say at least one thing: he thinks it’s a hatchet job on Springfield Deputy Police Chief Cliff Buscher.

“Deputy Chief [Cliff] Buscher would be the heir apparent,” says Houston, noting current Chief Robert Williams is eligible for retirement. “They want to make sure that he is not named the Chief of Police. This is really what has precipitated this entire incident in all of these events.”

The documents were released to a local TV station, and they detail an internal investigation into Buscher’s 2008 arrest on gun charges in Missouri. A reporter requested those documents, but was denied. The reporter, Calvin Christian III, alleges the city shredded the documents after he requested them.