Citizens Gather to see New Berlin Veterans Memorial
Citizens Gather to see New Berlin Veterans Memorial

A beautiful memorial was unveiled in the area over the weekend to honor veterans all over the country.

At around 10:00 a.m. on saturday the New Berlin Area Veterans Memorial was unveiled, following Tony Young’s brilliant belting of the national anthem, a prayer from Father Kevin Laughery and and many thanks to the numerous sponsors, hours of construction and dedication from the people of New Berlin and the entire area that went into the memorial’s completion.

The structures stand together as statues, with an eagle landing atop the middle of the seven giant stones, each with laser etched images depicting a service branch’s contribution to freedom and that branches flag behind it.

Even those who knew exactly what the structure looked like underneath the blindfolds were speechless, like New Berlin Veterans memorial Association President and Chairman Paul Sweet.

“I sat down for the last three nights trying to figure what I could write, comments I could make, and nothing I could say could top anything but what this memorial once it’s unveiled could say by itself.”

New Berlin’s own Sgt. 1st Class Peggy Care spoke at the ceremony as well.

“These veterans have held, and continue to hold, these ideals above their own personal goals…laying aside jobs, comfortable home lives and their own safety, all so that citizens of this country might regain a sense of security.”

The New Berlin area veterans memorial containing stones weighing tons but emotion even heavier is visible from the highway (Old US Route 36-54). Of course, anyone and everyone is invited to visit.