Chatham Approves $1 Water Rate Hike
Chatham Approves $1 Water Rate Hike

It’s going to cost Chatham residents $1 more to water the lawn, wash the dishes or use water in general.

The village will revisit the water rate increase at some point, according to President Tom Gray. In the meantime, his tiebreaking vote approved the $1┬áhike. A dozen or so residents showed up to a board meeting where the ordinance was approved. Former trustee Matthew Mau expressed his concern to the board. He pleaded with them to take another look at what else could be done. However, Mau would have rather the village stayed with Springfield’s City Water Light and Power.

“I wanted to stay with Springfield. I believe our rates would be kept lower versus the number of residents and the number of customers versus the number Springfield had. Math showed it would be less.”

A few Chatham residents recalled a situation like this a few years ago. An ordinance passed in 2010 said the rate per 1-thousand gallons would be projected at $6.53 in 30-years. Mau had a serious question for the current village board.

“My concern was with this debt structure. As it goes up also on this graph, are our rates going to have to go up every year along with that?”

According to CWLP officials, Chatham customers will now be paying nearly 45-percent more for water than if they had remained with CWLP.