Capitol Architect Responds to Criticism
Capitol Architect Responds to Criticism

The four people who supervise the Capitol architect made a statement Friday defending the $50 million dollar rehab that includes more than $300,000 worth of chandeliers and $670,000 worth of copper doors.

The Office of the Architect of the Capitol Board says the features, while not specified in the statement, are a “mere fraction” of the entire project, meant to update systems and make the building safer and more accessible while returning it to its late 19th century grandeur. It’s funded by a 2009 major construction bill called Illinois Jobs Now!, which totaled $31 billion.

Gov. Pat Quinn and some lawmakers are criticizing Alsop as a rogue who needs to be, quoting Quinn, “reined in.” Alsop told reporters today, “These projects are started by the Capital Development Board, which is under the executive branch. So, the Office of the Architect, under the legislature, is real clear on this, it’s not directions made, or decisions made, that are under the sole responsibility of this office.”

Before ducking out, Alsop told reporters it’s “completely unfair,” “unwarranted,” and “completely out of line” for the governor and others to criticize him.