Capital Area Career Center — Dropout Fighting Tool?
Capital Area Career Center — Dropout Fighting Tool?

A presentation on Springfield’s vocational center for high school students turned into a discussion about whether it can lower dropout rates.

Director Bob Klingborg told school board members that the district’s high school graduation rate without CACC is 75 percent, but the Capital Area Career Center completion rate is 98 percent. Ward 2 Alderman Gail Simpson, who was in the audience, asked if the dropout rate could improve if the programs were offered to ALL high school students. Klingborg said freshmen and sophomores are eligible, but it’s hard to enroll them.

“The guidance counselors would have a hard time getting all their core classes their freshman and sophomore years,” says klingborg. “Because of high stakes (standardized) testing, they want to make sure they keep them in house, I think, and have tighter reins on their students.”

CACC originally faced cuts in the upcoming budget which would have limited enrollment, but the cuts were taken off the table shortly after they were proposed.