Businesses Slated for Site of Demolished Nursing Home
Businesses Slated for Site of Demolished Nursing Home

New businesses continue to pop up on Springfield’s west side.

The recently demolished nursing home on Monroe Street between Chatham and Lawrence sat on a property that will now host at least three businesses.

“McDonald’s has signed a lease to take the corner property on Monroe closest to Walgreens,” says Ward 8 Alderman Kris Theilen. “They are still working on the large, keystone part in the back.”

Theilen says this is part of a trend of neighborhood based shopping in Springfield — with gas prices high, Theilen says people want more options closer to home.

McDonalds is confirmed, and Theilen says developers are in talks with several other businesses to round out the property. It’s also been confirmed that Dunkin Donuts and Jimmy John’s will open near Fairhills Mall where Blockbuster and, more recently, St. John’s Athleticcare used to be.