Budweiser Looking to the U of I for Help
Budweiser Looking to the U of I for Help

St. Louis means Budweiser, but the University of Illinois means computers. That’s why the “Bud Lab” is opening in Champaign, in the U of I Research Park, where Laura Frerichs is director.  It makes for quite the on-campus job.

“Generally, students working for a company in the Research Park in operations, those students are employees of the company,” says Frerichs.

She says the “Bud Lab” shows how a 19th Century product such as Budweiser beer benefits from 21st Century ideas such as data analytics and social media and  “this, I think is the next evolution for many companies to make more data-driven solutions and to harness the power to do help  them do that” she goes on to say

Frerichs says the Bud Lab will be studying market research and merchandising – not beechwood aging.