Brady Running for Governor Again

State Senator Bill Brady has announced that he will run for governor for a second time in 2014.

Brady said, “We built a base of support that gave us nearly 1.8 million votes. No one else has that leg up in this race.”

Following a brief announcement, Brady answered questions on gay marriage, pensions, among other issues brewing in the state of Illinois. He said, if he were elected, he would veto any extension of the state corporate income tax. Brady also said he believes in lower taxes, less government, less spending and a way that the state can pay bills on time.

Brady made the announcement at the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport in Springfield. Brady had a planned visit on Wednesday to Chicago, Mount Vernon and then Bloomington as well.

Brady ran against current Governor Pat Quinn in 2010. He will face a crowded field of Treasurer Dan Rutherford, businessman Bruce Rauner and a state senator who last timeĀ gave him a close battle in Kirk Dillard.