Bovine LLC Move Approved by Auburn
Bovine LLC Move Approved by Auburn

After a vote by the city council in Auburn, Bovine LLC will be able to make a move across town.

The current location is on the southwest side of the town square but Bovine wants to build a new facility on Route 4. The main concerns residents of Auburn were that Bovine would be slaughtering animals near their homes, which some view as a danger. Mayor Barb Stamer said her concerns were put to rest.

“The neighbors or the onlookers at the present location have no complaints. They never see anything. They never smell anything. They don’t have rats and bugs.”

Bovine only slaughters once a week, according to Stamer. She said some concerns of the public also centered arround property value. Citizens are worried that being next to a facility like this one would make their homes less valuable. But Stamer said she spoke with an apraiser, who told her property values should not be affected by the business.

“Because of their reputation for operating a sanitary business, regulated by the FDA, Bovine can be trusted.”

The vote by the city council was unanimous.