Blood Center Breaks Ground on 10th Street
Blood Center Breaks Ground on 10th Street

$7 million worth of dirt has been turned as staff of the Central Illinois Community Blood Center broke ground on a new facility.

Located on the old Fiat-Allis property across from the FBI building, Blood Center President David Parsons says the new location gives the organization a lot of elbow room as it continues to grow.

“Land in other parts of the city wasn’t affordable for that size to get our staff and our vehicles,” says Parsons.

Parts of the current facility, located just south of downtown on 7th Street, will get a facelift.  Some of the current structure will be torn-down and the building will operate as a larger donor facility.

“We’ll build a new donor facility there, a modern one that’s really built for the donors,” says Parsons. “Then we’ll demolish the two story building and have parking, finally, that’s adequate for the staff and donors.”