Black Thursday Is Here
Black Thursday Is Here

Black Friday has now become Black Thursday.
The stores will be open tonight, instead of in the early hours of Friday.“People didn’t want to get up as early as it kept getting on Black Friday. They wanted to shop on Thanksgiving, and when the retailers saw that, they decided well, let’s see if they’ll do this,” said Peter Gill of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, who says the stores want to get their hands into customers’ wallets before their competitors do.
“You want to have the customer come in your door first, because that’s your best chance of making money and selling your products, before they get to see what the other guys have,” he said. Gill says retailers expect sales to be up 3.9 percent this year vs. last year, and for Illinois to be about the same.
He expects Monday to be the biggest“Cyber Monday” ever for on-line sales. However, the calendar this year gives us the shortest possible number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so he says some people will miss on-line shipping deadlines and end up in the stores scrambling on Dec. 22.