Bike Trail Modifications Could Bring in State Money
Bike Trail Modifications Could Bring in State Money

Illinois’ off-road trails are poorly marked, an advocate says.

Steve Buchtel of the group Trails for Illinois says the off-road trails, which are for bicycling, running and walking, often have nothing but a green sign that says “bike trail.” What they need, he said, is an indication of what the trail is and where it goes.

“Now, whether the trail just goes around the local ball diamond, or whether it connects Springfield to Peoria, let’s say, that information’s missing,” he said. “But that changes the trail dramatically, don’t you think?”

Buchtel said even if users are on only a small part of a larger trail, they’d want to know.He said the trails do usually turn up on Google Maps, MapQuest and on www.traillink.com, but the start of the trail can be hard to find if you don’t already know where to go.

Also, he said the local businesses that are near trails are not indicated. “It’s a commercial opportunity that is “literally riding right by,” he said.