Ball-Chatham Continues Discussion: What to do with Land Sale Money?
Ball-Chatham Continues Discussion: What to do with Land Sale Money?

With money coming in from a land sale, the Ball-Chatham Community School District is discussing what exactly to do with the cash.

One of the ideas that has been brought to the school board by officials within the administration is the lack of reading specialist positions. Superintendent Carrie Hruby said in the past year there has been a reduction in that area, which happened because a couple of people left the district.

“We really value those positions, ” said Hruby, “we used to have one per building, the instructional coaches specifically.”

She added that the talk of bringing back reading specialists is in the preliminary stages. She said the only definitive decision that has been made on the $774,000 from the sale is to split it into the education fund, for salaries and operating expenses, and the working cash fund.

“At this point, really, the conversation has just been surrounding the need for those (reading specialist) positions. We had a school improvement meeting on November 4 and the principals really shared with the board how important those positions are.”

Hruby said that talks would continue.

The land on South Second Street brought in $774,000 thousand dollars. A total of 43 acres were sold for $18,000 an acre, much more than the $5,697 per acre the district purchased the land for in May of 1993.

the land was originally bought for the construction of a new school. That plan was scrapped a few years later.