Ball Chatham Approves Budget in the Black
Ball Chatham Approves Budget in the Black

The Ball-Chatham Community School District has approved their budget for the 2014 fiscal year.

School Board president Jim Neuses said, “It’s in the black.”

“First budget in the black in several years that we’ve had here and it goes to the dedication of all of our administrators, all of our teachers, all of our staff to bring our budget within that black this year.”

Neuses and the rest of the board approved the $3.1 million in cuts for the district. He added that he’s happy the affect on student services will be minimal.

“One thing we wanted to make sure that didn’t happen is we didn’t affect any student services or we didn’t affect the offerings that our students have…so I think we’re all pretty happy.”

Neuses said that he thanks all the people and countless hours which can be attributed to the successful budget for FY14.

The budget was in the black by about $272,000.