Ball-Chatham $35 Million Project
Ball-Chatham $35 Million Project

The Ball-Chatham School District has launched a $35 million construction plan, thanks to a voter approved bond referendum.

Ball Chatham Superintendent Carrie Hruby says this will allow the schools to add and renovate parking lots, playgrounds, and make other improvements.

“Quite a bit of construction happening on our buildings and some it in terms of updates to are current existence buildings, the HVAC systems and (other) repairs,” said Hruby.

The bulk of the work should be completed by the end of the summer, but it won’t be completely finished until sometime early next year.

“The majority of what you see happening around right now are things such as parking lots that we can’t simply do while the students are in session, or else parents wouldn’t have any place to pull up, for example our new elementary, Glenwood Elementary,” said Hruby. “But we have other projects such as playground renovations happening this summer as well,” said Hruby.