Auburn Ambulance Services Hopes for Donations
Auburn Ambulance Services Hopes for Donations

Auburn’sĀ ambulance serviceĀ is running out of money.

Dave Hallerberg, Secretary Treasurer of the Auburn Ambulance Subscriber Program, says that mailers have been sent out to the public asking for a donation.

“We have quite a bit of new expenses lately, with our new building,” says Hallerberg, “we don’t have that many calls so we’re mostly funded by donations and by billing people for the service.”

In the mailer, the village asks for a donation in return for service. Upon service or treatment, Auburn would waive any fees. A membership would cost $25 per person and $45 for a family of four.

“We would waive out of pocket expenses after their insurance is paid. We also don’t charge if somehow we do treatment on scene and don’t transport.”

Hallerberg says costs mixed with the lack of calls has put them in a bind.

Since the Auburn Ambulance Program was adopted sometime in the year 2000, it has grown into two total ambulances, 20 employees-two full-time, and a response time of about five minutes.

Officials hope the mailer/donation program helps to keep the Auburn Ambulance Subscriber Program afloat.