Attorney General Won’t Weigh in on Springfield PD Shredding
Attorney General Won’t Weigh in on Springfield PD Shredding

A letter from the Attorney General’s Office addressed to Springfield Mayor Mike Houston states the situation involving the Springfield Police Department’s disposal of internal affairs files is within the jurisdiction of the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Mayor Houston says John Milhiser’s office has received the letter,¬†which states “to the extent the police department’s conduct violated the Local Records Act…that Act does not provide a statutory cause of action to sue for violation.”

The city council met and city code was amended with one idea stating the mayor must sign off on a memorandum of understanding. Also, if it deals with with economic issues it would go before aldermen.

Houston did not vouch much support for the amendment to the code.

“There would be a process that would have to be followed and that would include bringing it to the city council,” says Houston. “I don’t view what the city council passed as really being anything different than I had already instituted as an executive order.”

A resolution requested by Aldermen Frank Edwards, Sam Cahnman, Joe McMenamin and Steve Dove failed following a tie-breaking vote by Mayor Houston. The resolution mimicked a state law prohibiting the destruction of public records.