An Open Letter from Bob Murray
An Open Letter from Bob Murray

The following is an open letter to Springfield and central Illinois from Bob Murray:

“As you have probably heard, I have decided to elect for an extended medical leave of absence from my post as the host of the WTAX Morning Newswatch due to newly discovered health concerns. Many people have enquired (sic) into what is going on, and I thought it would be best you hear it from me.

I have been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer and will be taking this leave from work as an opportunity to focus my time on getting better and being with family and loved ones. While this is far from an ideal situation, we are remaining positive and focusing on staying strong.

In the days following the announcement, it has been so incredibly humbling to feel the outpour of prayers and support from all directions, and I am pretty positive I will never be able to properly express how much that means to my family and me.

I also want to thank the WTAX family and central Illinois area for their many years of loyal listenership. It has truly been an honor to start each day with you, tackling the issues that matter to us. I hope to be back in the capital soon, focusing on what I love, delivering the news, sports, entertainment and important local happenings to you.

Thank you for everything, central Illinois!

Bob Murray”