Allegiant Airlines Continues Inspections
Allegiant Airlines Continues Inspections

Allegiant Airlines is continuing to catch up on compliance issues with their MD-80 aircrafts’ emergency slides.

The one-by-one inspections continue for the MD-80 aircrafts of Allegiant Airlines. The 52 planes are having their emergency slides checked and overhauled. Only three of those 52 aircrafts have been taken out of service, according to spokesperson Brian Davis. He said on Monday that 32 of the other 49 back in service.

“We continue to operate our six Boeing 757 aircrafts, as well as three of our Airbus 319 aircrafts.”

Twelve flights were canceled on Monday. They will be made up on Tuesday. Delays and cancellations forced Allegiant to charter subservice aircrafts, which are contracted through Allegiant and other airlines. Davis said that nothing changes for a passenger on one of these subservice aircrafts. The passenger still has an Allegiant boarding pass, information and the only difference is the actual aircraft.

Davis said the total number of affected passengers is still unknown. If you believe your flight could be affected, visit their website. The information is current and up to date.