Aldermen Want Changes In New Contract With Ameren
Aldermen Want Changes In New Contract With Ameren

It’s time for the city of Springfield to renew its long term contract with Ameren to allow it to maintain gas infrastructure in the city.

But some aldermen aren’t happy, and they want more teeth in the new agreement. Ward 8 Alderman Kris Thielen says Ameren frequently does work and doesn’t clean up.

“It would be nice to have them either at least admit, deal with, or at least start returning phone calls to our public works department when they’re called when we have issues with stuff Ameren is doing in our city.” Thielen said at the meeting.

The city’s budget director says a performance clause could be inserted. The city council will debate it again next week.

The agreement would have Ameren pay the city 24-thousand 500 dollars a month every month for the next ten years.