AG Madigan: Fix Pensions So I Can Defend in Court

Illinois’ attorney general is weighing in on the pension crisis.

“It inures to nobody’s benefit whatsoever for the pension crisis to continue in the State of Illinois,” Attorney General Lisa Madigan said.

Madigan says if the pension system isn’t fixed by the time the next governor is sworn into office, the state has bigger issues at play. Madigan has said that she is “very seriously considering a run for governor” but says her first priority remains in her role of attorney general.

Madigan also believe it’s absurd to think that inaction on pension reform by her father, House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago), is a setup for a run for governor by her.

Madigan says she has been encouraging lawmakers and the governor to enact a pension reform plan so that it can be litigated. Her office’s role would be to defend the state’s position.