ADM Incentive Proposal Is on Hold
ADM Incentive Proposal Is on Hold

Tax incentive packages to either bring companies to Illinois or keep them here have passed the Illinois Senate.

One proposal would give millions of dollars in tax breaks to persuade the combined Office Depot and Office Max to stay in Illinois and to lure Univar, a chemical distribution company, here from Washington.

State Sen. Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) says Illinois is battling Florida and Texas respectively for the two – and those are two states which have come to Illinois to try to steal businesses away..

“This is truly an opportunity for us to take businesses from other states,” said Cullerton. “Two of our favorite states that have shown up here have been Florida and Texas; this would be an opportunity for us to take from them.”

Also clearing the Senate is a bill to provide tax breaks to ADM, which is planning on moving its corporate headquarters out of Decatur – possibly to Chicago. State Sen. Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) says his legislation also requires the company to create hundreds of jobs in Decatur over five years.

“ADM needs to stay here, in a balanced way, and we need to turn the tide on job loss in Decatur and that’s ultimately what this bill seeks to do,” said Manar.

Both bills now head to the Illinois House.