A Merger For Two Regional Offices Of Education
A Merger For Two Regional Offices Of Education

The July 1st deadline is looming for Illinois Regional Offices of Education to consolidate or beeliminated to reduce the number of offices from 44 to 35. Governor Pat Quinn in 2012 ordered regional offices serving fewer than 61,000 people to merge.

Sangamon County Regional Superintendent Jeff Vose says, his office will consolidate with the Menard County office. Menard County is already combined with Logan and Mason Counties, but the region’s population is around 34,000.

“The Menard County district school superintendents–Athens, Greenview, Petersburg, Porta approached me this time last year and said, we’ll like to get ahead of this process we like to merge with Sangamon County because we have relationships there with vocational services, some special ED service, food services,” said Vose.

Vose says the Sangamon County Regional Office sees its services increasing by about 10 percent by adding Menard, and does not see it as a large burden.

“Actually it will save a few dollars. In their current relationship with Mason, Logan, and Menard, Menard County pays about $36,000 to the regional offices for the educational services that are provided that will actually go in 2015 it will be about $30,000 and it may go down a little bit from there,” said Vose.

The merger will take place July 2015.