Chatham Family Seeks Answers for Daughter’s Fundraiser

Ava Pellman celebrates her 4th birthday. Photo courtesy Facebook group "Pray for Ava Pellman."

Chatham Family Seeks Answers for Daughter’s Fundraiser

A Chatham family is seeking answers after thousands of dollars raised to help their daughter haven’t been used for that purpose.

Melissa Pellman’s daughter, Ava, suffers from refractory epilepsy and the family’s suffered financial hardship as medical bills mount. Pellman says neighbors offered to help fundraise, but set up their own account to do so at a different bank.

“They will be giving us an allowance on things to pay for,” Pellman told WTAX’s Ray Lytle. “It is up to them, and as they see fit what they can pay for.

One of the account holders, Tracy McCall, cancelled a benefit to be held this past weekend at the last minute and hasn’t been heard from since. Pellman says her family has not seen any money from the other account, called the Ava Pellman Medical Fund at United Community Bank.

Several attempts by WTAX to get the other side of the story went unanswered.

To listen to an interview with Melissa Pellman, click play on the audio link below.