9-11: One Man, One Flag
9-11: One Man, One Flag

One man, one flag but dozens of motorists paid their respects to the thousands that died twelve years ago Wednesday.

Ted Camp stood alone on an I-55 overpass all day Wednesday to commerorate the victims of the terrorist attacks in 2001.  Camp says the nation is too silent and too easily forgets what happened in New York City, Washington DC, and a field outside Pittsburgh.  He says his small gesture is something he feels he is compelled to do each year and appreciates the truckers and other motorists who honked their horns underneath him who join him in remembering.

“I’m just one man but this should be done every day” says Camp.

Camp says he has no affiliation with any organization and says he will continue to stand on the Ridgely Avenue overpass each year whether anyone else joins him or not.