UIS “Leadership Lived” Advertisments Attract New Students
UIS “Leadership Lived” Advertisments Attract New Students

Nearly a year after the University of Illinois Springfield launched its first and only campaign brand, “Leadership Lived”  is still going strong.

UIS spokesman Derek Schnapp says it’s not a slogan or a logo.

“Leadership Lived, like I said is more like a promise we think this is a University where leadership is lived everyday, and you know and whether it’s through students, facility even staff members where the display leadership on a daily basis,” said Schnapp.

Schnapp says billboards are all over central Illinois including Springfield, Decatur, Petersburg, Beardstown, Jacksonville, Quincy and Peoria. Some will soon be placed in Chicago.

“There’s never been a campaign or a promise if you will or a brand out there. You know when they done advertising or the University done advertising its just been you know the general University Illinois Springfield and we still have that type of thing but we’re, a lot of universities will go with that tag line if you will, and this is our tag line,” said Schnapp.

The Springfield campus is also airing leadership lived commercials on local television stations throughout the city, and on the UIS website.